lights coming

Have you ever felt the light coming to your life when you are completely down?

Under water drowning

This must be hard for some of you but this is the fact that rarely people find light when everything is going down in their life.We all have seen best days & the worst times through the lifetime.

simple answer for this question would be its hard to deny that we all feel divine power what guides us in a way we can not give the explainable reason for the good happens to start when we are surrounded by complete darkness.Thats what I call miracle and it does happen if you beileve that way or other.

Under water drowning

Complaining about problems would start this drowning of your soul into the darkness so take it easy,If you dont get what you have expected.Remember even your enemies will like you if you are genuine so let the time work for you while you keep improving whatever you are doing with your life.

You will be happy to know that you are not alone.Actually there are only rare people who have got whatever they want so dont you worry.Desired things are different & what you get is only from your work & attitude towards your own life.

Problems we face are just like:

1) You are running your restaurant business but every year you dont see growth or the worst - loss is growing more than profit gain thats where you become more frustated. right?

2) You have your personal local community base work but you find like no body is even listening to your advise when you are helping them out .Its like you want to make them happy then they start to blame you for the problems.This is like your best interest community work to help society but yet its going bad! what to do then ? whom to blame?

3)You are the big brand/small business/just regular job person & you have perfect business/job life then when you are done with the work at the day-end, You have no one to share your life with close ones but still people see you as a rich/succesful person.You are feeling complaints about being alone so the list is infinite but you got the point that we all have some form of problems in our lives and they are designed differently with various levels of happiness & pain but if you concentrate on the deeds of your own then you would realise that its all because of what destiny has choosen for you.

Best soultion is to improve from your mistakes everyday because that is in your hand.If you are a Chef and somehow one day you made wrong mixing of ingredients and lead to disaster then what would you do?(do you cry for years on why did that happen or make the new dish asap? yeah you got the answer).If you are web developer and prepared whole operating system and just before week to publish your code , you found your OS crashes down completely.(so what would you do?cry for years that why that system crashed or find the bug or possible solutions asap?).If you are working as worker in any big company and you made simple mistake but your manager was hard on you with the words (so what would you do ? cry for hours that why he was such a hard with words or learn your mistakes to improve).Just like that life is full of errors but we lost ourselves in social beliefs and what others would think that is why we dont improve(we all can improve if we find the right errors in life).If your guitar has tuning issues and you work on your vocals to make it more great then its not going to improve.Find the cause and eliminate or improve just like doctors are looking in liver but patient has gut problems so that will never solve easily.

To solve something first you need to have the right vision to analyse what is wrong with the things then try to improve one by one (dont compare you with others because your friend might be improving way earlier than you started.) start by sharing your problems with real live people around you(they can be your neighbours /friends/relatives from online connections)

Win over your fears and emotions | Defeat yourself everyday | Make it happen | Love everything as it is

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