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What the heck is being Happy afterall?

Under water drowning

Short answer is relative yet fruitful to life if you are focused on things you like or may be the people who find goodness being with you which is what making you more proud and that psychologically makes you more happy so this is really relative from brain to brain and hearts to hearts.Its like you can be happy for you or all or none (none does not exist because if that exists then there is no relativity in happiness) Imagine right now I am writing this so you can read something that I want to share through words and when you do little smiley kinda face that makes me happy so everyone has that thing going on but its like your daily routine that you dont focus too much but still you do that amazingly. Matter of fact - most of the people smile at first by seeing others smile even though sometimes they dont know why the heck they are smiling!

Thing is that we are taught to do some things in society and if we dont do that way then we fall in the categories of being artists (artists express what they feel).Its like we all do big big fake smiles when we meet our rivals in whatever profession we are in because we are afraid of thrown away from the group because that group might be feeding you dollars I guess so keep doing fake smiles because if you dont then someone else will take over your place.How one can even smile if they are really mean and arrogant peeple?(see that is why they all do fake smile because they also dont want to look like arrogant even if they are because this thing is atleast uniting them in this fashion.)

Under water drowning

Hey Still reading ? its going deeper now!

Most common thing is that you can not be happy for others if that happy person is making you sad (see here its get conflicting because relativity is striking our brains again).

Uncommon thing would be that you are happy for whatever they are doing (this is what we need because here all relativity goes into the trash)

People will break you in simple ways like if they are really into designed social status of the current age times then you would get little sarcasm with the advise if they dont like you or if they dont like your current present.How to solve this if this is becoming your everyday issues?

1) Confront them about things that you dont feel comfortable when they try their little sarcastic schemes.(If they were also feeling same from you then your problem would probably end soon because now you two know whats bothering whom and how you can find common grounds its like settling lawsuits find spot for goodness in both/all) e.g You are a big deveoper who happens to write operating system codes now one day you were out of focus and made mistakes and now you find every single bug and solve them and correct your work.!

2) Ignore everything and go to own peace of mind regardless what they or who or whatever is talking whatever.(someone said that before about ignoring is blissful and useful in this way too!) .You know what 70% people stop bothering you if you ignore but friends there are insane 30% who become more aggressive when you ignore them so you have to talk to them by confronting anyway for their good.They will self destruct by hating you even if that hate is not even touching your vibes. e.g. the same example as above but here you ignore your bugs and let it go or start again for the same project but no finding bugs because you are in ignoring mode lol.

Above all these stuff where is the happiness? did you even notice? or is this going way deeper than expected?

Here comes what I do and what make me feel good! Find good things in them while they are hurting you/making fun of you/creating a disaster stories about you/talking that you are looser by doing this/judging your every mistakss like such spelling mistakes !You know what its not about being great human being at all but its about being selfish because whenever I tried to find/judge/diagnose why they talk/judge me it did not help or guess it lead to self destruction in the past so I started finding good things as someone said to me that please give it a try before going to hell/heaven!Its like... our brain is very very tricky !everytime we see/read/listen it is always get stored in somewhere (I was thinking.. this stuff is bullshit because hey man wake up to reality !its not a movie or not you are a superstar so better do hurt them back with the same power)But this is what they want to make you one of them and that is the hate bug! so I was writing about... how it is helping me... so this is an example so take it easy!e.g hypothetically speaking one man was my superior in my work of field in the past profession but he was little more than cheaper to everyone!I tried to ignore bad things and see goodness and it helped me only but not a single good effects on him like he is still very cheap to women/girls/clients but I took the good things that his power towards the work / his speed of analysing issues so its like i focused more on these things and hypothetically I grasped all of it so that is why I like finding only good in everyone lets say this is hypothetically learning example for human behaviours! You know what is the most amazing part of this hypothetical example ....I did grasp every good useful things by fake smile so its a learning about why people do fake smiles (its not always as it seems to you!).

Win over your fears and emotions | Defeat yourself everyday | Make it happen | Love everything as it is

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